To search for specific entries
To search, you first select the button for searching by Subject, Author, or Number.

You then need to decide whether to search for entries with either one term or another, for entries with one term and another, or for an exact phrase.

If you are just looking for a single name or title, select or .

Then, for Subject or Author enter the word(s) you wish to search on in the box in the centre (omitting any initial 'The' or 'A')

For Number, to find a particular edition of the Journal out of the 290 so far published, enter a three figure number, thus: 023

Pressing Search will display the entries for your selected word(s) in a separate window. Pressing Clear will clear the system for you to enter a new Search.

To browse the full index
The Browse option will display the entire MAIN Index, from the top, without entering any search word. You can also view the NAME Index from the top, or view the MAIN Index by the Journal NUMBER.

Depending on the speed of your connection to the Web, the 4,500 entries may take three minutes or more to download ........

You can then browse your selected version of the Index from the top to find the entries you want, using the arrow keys and slider to the right of the window. You can also search on a word through your browser by using 'Edit' and 'Find'.

You can also print out the whole of an Index, or sections of it, or save it to your hard disc for use off-line.